The Solid Hitting Tee

The Solid Hitting Tee


A built-to-last batting tee designed to make hitting feel as real and game-like as possible. Available in youth (16-24″) and regular/adult (25-48″) models.

  • Easy to put together, disassemble & transport — tee quickly unscrews from base
  • 6 lb. square base prevents tipping — no extra weight needed
  • Metal locking system enables stable height adjustment
  • Use with baseball or softballs, and outside or indoors
  • Choice of 4 tee stem colors
  • Ships by FedEx from California


This “solid” tee is designed to make the act of hitting feel as normal as possible.

It’s easy to set up, take apart and transport the tee, as it goes from assembled to disassembled in 10-15 seconds, which is how long it takes to unscrew the tee’s rod from the base.

The solid square-shaped base is good at staying in place, so additional weight is not needed. Weighing 6.1 pounds and measuring 13″ x 13″ with a one-inch thickness, the base keeps the tee from tipping over.

The tee itself is comprised of stainless steel rods, a delrin rod and polyurethane cup. This comes-assembled combination ensures stability and durability.

The tee’s steel rods have a metal locking system allowing for height adjustment. The youth-sized tee is adjustable from 16 to 24 inches. The telescoping range for the regular (adult-sized) tee is 25 to 48 inches.

The smooth poly tee top is a strong but flexible tube to hit a ball off of. The tee top is 6″ long and the bottom half of it is fastened to the delrin rod, which is a specially-engineered kind of hard plastic.

Made to withstand the abuse that a hitting tee can take, it’s backed by a 2-year warranty and most will last for many years (replacement parts are available if needed).

Patented in 2010, this tee is made so that hitters will feel the ball at contact. And the more it’s used the more solid that contact will be.

NOTE: As an added bonus, the stem of the tee comes in one of four colors to give it a distinctive look. The color options are black, red, forest green and dark blue. The color is added through an anodizing process that ensures the metal remains permanently colored (anodized colors won’t chip and resist scratching).

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Black, Dark Blue, Forest Green, Red