• 1st Pitch – Pitching Machines


    Bases Covered is happy to introduce new pitching machine made right here in the United States 1st  Pitch pitching machines. They also make cricket bowlers, football throwers along with the baseball and softball pitching machines allow me to introduce the 5 most popular models of a machine that will do exactly what you want when you want it.  Feeder and transporter available.

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  • Baden Ballistic Pitching Machine Baseballs


    The premier leather ball made for use with pitching machines, the “Ballistic” has flat seams to ensure pitch accuracy. Usable in any machine, the ball is regulation in size and weight.

    • Sold by the dozen ($4.58 per ball)
    • Official size (9″) and weight (5 oz.)
    • Seams made from Kevlar — greatly enhances ball durability
    • Red and blue stitching makes ball visually distinct from others
    • Reacts and feels like regular game baseballs
    • Considered a universal ball — works in any pitching machine
    • Ships by UPS Ground from Washington
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  • Ball Caddy


    Always have balls at hand with this handy ball holder. The nylon sack has space for dozens of balls and the lightweight caddy is so portable it can easily be used anywhere.

    • Holds 60 baseballs or 36 softballs
    • Three adjustable height settings — use sitting or standing
    • Wheels make moving easy
    • Weighs just 17 pounds; 18″ W by 14″ L by 24-36″ H in size
    • Ships by FedEx Ground from Tennessee
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  • Ball Cart


    A simple and sturdy necessity with a large ball capacity, this pro-grade cart is a batting practice back saver and ball holder extraordinaire that’s easy to move and easy to use.

    • Holds 300 baseballs or 150 softballs
    • Dolly-style design makes transporting effortless
    • Pneumatic wheels won’t damage playing surface
    • Has weatherproof #60 net and powder-coated steel frame
    • 18″ W by 24″ L by 45″ H in size, weighs 32 pounds
    • Ships by FedEx Ground from Tennessee
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  • Baseball L-Screens


    Best L-screen

    • The 7’H x 7W’ design L-screen with extra hip protection provides premiere coverage for coaches and players while pitching
    • Heavy duty 1 5/8” diameter galvanized 15 gauge steel frame.
    • #60 Nylon Net pillowcase style
    • Optional 10” pneumatic wheel option with steel plate for industry leading durability
    • Optional Color choice of 18 oz heavy weight vinyl wrap and padding with 1 ½ memory foam save the net and pitcher.

    Better- L-screen

    • Bolt and snap pin connections for the 2 in galvanized steel tubing
    • Standard L shape with 3 1/2 foot cutouts
    •  #60  Netting
    • Pillow case style net, gives you a double walled net on the frame.

    Good L-screen

    • 1 5/8″ galvanized steel steel tubing
    • Fluted Frame is made for easy connection
    • Poly netting #60 twisted knotted twine
    • Pillowcase style net
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  • Baseballs of All Types


    These are the choices that you have for BASEBALLS that you can use in your machines.

    • Regulation Leather Balls
    • Yellow Poly Dimple Balls
    • Poly Dimple Balls White with Red Seams
    • Leather Baseballs with Flat Seams
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  • BATCO Foldable Batting Cage


    Note:This product is only available by phone order. Speak directly with Coach Arnald to make sure you get the best setup for your space and needs.

    1-877-462-2826 or email at

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  • Citi Field Model


    This 3D model of the home of the New York Mets shows the ballpark displayed on different depths of bonded wood. It comes with a lighted display case, so this Citi Field can be lit up just like the real big league ballpark, and when not in its case the model can be stood upright on any flat surface.

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  • Folding Ball Basket


    It’s all about convenience, portability and quality when it comes to this batting practice aid. The ideal-for-all-levels device can hold 72 baseballs or 36 softballs.

    • Holds 6 dozen baseballs or 3 dozen softballs
    • Collapsible design makes it easy to carry and store
    • Made of rust-resistant steel and UV-treated netting
    • Stands about 3½ feet tall, weighs 20 pounds
    • No assembly required
    • Ships by UPS Ground from Georgia
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