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Pitching Machines

Pitching machines make taking batting practice much easier. Regardless of your needs, we have numerous highly accurate options that pitch at variable speeds. Some throw real baseballs, others dimpled or poly balls. Styles include wheel type, arm wind-up and air powered.

  • 1st Pitch – Pitching Machines


    Bases Covered is happy to introduce new pitching machine made right here in the United States 1st  Pitch pitching machines. They also make cricket bowlers, football throwers along with the baseball and softball pitching machines allow me to introduce the 5 most popular models of a machine that will do exactly what you want when you want it.  Feeder and transporter available.

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  • Baden Ballistic Pitching Machine Baseballs


    The premier leather ball made for use with pitching machines, the “Ballistic” has flat seams to ensure pitch accuracy. Usable in any machine, the ball is regulation in size and weight.

    • Sold by the dozen ($4.99 per ball)
    • Official size (9″) and weight (5 oz.)
    • Seams made from Kevlar — greatly enhances ball durability
    • Red and blue stitching makes ball visually distinct from others
    • Reacts and feels like regular game baseballs
    • Considered a universal ball — works in any pitching machine
    • Ships by UPS Ground from Washington
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  • White Pitching Machine Baseballs with Red Seams


    A white dimple ball that looks, to a hitter, like a real baseball thanks to its patented inset red seams. This long-lasting, one-of-a-kind dimpled and seamed batting practice ball can be reliably used with any machine that throws regulation size/weight balls.

    • Sold by the dozen ($3.65 per ball)
    • Regulation baseball size (9″) and weight (5 oz.)
    • Authentic look allows hitters to pick up ball rotation
    • Red seams ink does not fade or rub off
    • Ideal for cool weather BP — ball made of sting-stopping poly
    • Ships by UPS Ground from Washington
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