Pitcher’s Pocket

Pitcher’s Pocket


This practice net has 9 pockets to which pitchers can take aim, working on their accuracy without the need of a catcher. Its height is adjustable, so players of all ages can work on their command and receive instant feedback.

  • Use indoors or outdoors, for baseball and softball
  • Raises and lowers via adjustable legs
  • Durable and stable — it won’t fall over
  • Balls are caught and collected by the net’s pockets
  • 36″ x 42″ frame is padded to prevent ball ricochet
  • Weighs an easily portable 37 pounds
  • Available in choice of 7 frame colors
  • Ships by UPS Ground from Georgia
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The Pitcher’s Pocket was designed to help baseball and softball players of all ages.

Consisting of nine catch net pockets surrounded by a padded frame, the training aid develops throwing accuracy for all positions and enables pitchers to work on pitch location.

Made from top of the line materials, the Pitcher’s Pocket uses #60 nylon netting and bungee cord to create its strike zones, with each pocket measuring 10″ wide by 12″ high.

The frame is 1 5/8″ thick galvanized steel that is padded with 1.5″ high-impact foam to significantly limit ball ricochet. The foam is wrapped in UV coated heavy duty vinyl, which gives the Pitcher’s Pocket its color as the vinyl is offered in 7 different colors. The frame measures 36″ wide by 42″ high and has a 4″ depth.

A pair of 2″ thick legs keep the Pitcher’s Pocket firmly in place, so it won’t tip over. The two legs are adjustable, so the net can be raised or lowered as needed. The span of height adjustments possible is 4″ to 22″ from ground level. The legs are detachable, which enables the net to be stored upright against a wall.

At a total weight of just 37 pounds, the Pitcher’s Pocket is very lightweight for its size and is thus easy to carry and move.

No assembly is required. After taking it out of the box, all someone needs to do is attach the legs and the Pitcher’s Pocket is ready to use.

Uses for it are plentiful, like being a batting practice backstop and target. Because of its portability, the 9-hole net doesn’t have to stay in one place. It can be brought to practice, set up indoors, stationed in a driveway or parking lot, used in open spaces adjacent to apartment buildings, and of course be put in the backyard.

In design and function, the Pitcher’s Pocket is the type of product you’d happily rate 5 stars. Made in the USA, it really is built to last and is backed by a full two-year warranty, in addition to a five-year limited warranty for the padded frame.

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Frame Color

Black, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Red, Orange, Dark Green, Yellow