Pitcher’s Pocket

Training Equipment

  • Pitcher’s Pocket


    This practice net has 9 pockets to which pitchers can take aim, working on their accuracy without the need of a catcher. Its height is adjustable, so players of all ages can work on their command and receive instant feedback.

    • Use indoors or outdoors, for baseball and softball
    • Raises and lowers via adjustable legs
    • Durable and stable — it won’t fall over
    • Balls are caught and collected by the net’s pockets
    • 36″ x 42″ frame is padded to prevent ball ricochet
    • Weighs an easily portable 37 pounds
    • Available in choice of 7 frame colors
    • Ships by UPS Ground from Georgia
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  • The Solid Hitting Tee


    A built-to-last batting tee designed to make hitting feel as real and game-like as possible. Available in youth (16-24″) and regular/adult (25-48″) models.

    • Easy to put together, disassemble & transport — tee quickly unscrews from base
    • 6 lb. square base prevents tipping — no extra weight needed
    • Metal locking system enables stable height adjustment
    • Use with baseball or softballs, and outside or indoors
    • Choice of 4 tee stem colors
    • Ships by FedEx from California
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