4″ Youth Economy Pitching Mound

4″ Youth Economy Pitching Mound


The most affordable, and portable, artificial mound is this 4-inch high economy model, which is a one-piece 25-pounder suited for youth pitchers up to 10 years of age.

  • Choice of turf color: green, clay or tan
  • 4″ H by 3’6″ L by 2’10” W in size, weighs 25 lbs
  • Engineered for outdoor all-weather use (water resistant, turf won’t peel)
  • Smooth, tapered edges enable mound to lie flush with field
  • Mound maintains its shape — backed by limited 10-year warranty
  • Ships by truck from Minnesota
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Need a budget friendly mound that’s ideal for kids at the 46′ pitching distance? The 4″ Youth Economy Mound is it!

Designed for pitchers of all sizes up to the age of 10, the Economy mound’s exact size is 4 inches tall, 3’6” (42 inches) long, and 2’10” (34 inches) wide. The distance from the front of the rubber to the front of the mound is 19 inches.

Sturdy yet innovatively lightweight, the mound weighs a mere 25 pounds. So one person can easily move it.

The mound’s design combines gentle slopes and smooth tapered edges to make it comfortable for a pitcher to stand anywhere on it.

“Lips” are eliminated since the mound lies flush with flat surfaces, a feature that reduces bad hops on ground balls. The Economy mound’s stay-in-place stability means it won’t rock or otherwise move when a pitch is thrown.

The top side of the mound is fully covered with the highest quality turf available and has a specially-made poly pitching rubber that lasts at least five times as long as a standard rubber. The rubber is white, but you get a choice for the mound’s turf color: green, clay or tan.

Super light fiberglass sheeting comprises the surface of the mound’s bottom side. The fiberglass makes the mound’s base so firm that it maintains its shape in the harshest of outdoor environments.

The mound’s core is fully formed from a high density foam that ensures pitchers stand upon a firm yet comfortably cushioned product. Made from a combination of polypropylene and polystyrene, the foam core has a limited 10-year warranty, which covers the mound maintaining its shape without breaking down (developing soft spots).

Additionally, a hidden “wear pad” is placed in front of the pitching rubber underneath the turf. This special reinforcement of anti-wear poly offers extra protection against core penetration.

The mound is also water resistant thanks to a thin coating of polyurethane that’s applied in the production process before the turf is added. That water-repellent layer of protection keeps the mound from absorbing moisture.

And the turf itself will not break down for years or peel from the mound. That’s thanks to a proprietary adhesive process that securely bonds the turf and mound together.

It all adds up to a reliably durable pitching mound, and each one is fully made in the USA.

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Turf Color

Green, Clay, Tan