Yellow Dimple Baseballs

Yellow Dimple Baseballs


These are the gold standard of yellow-colored balls made for use with pitching machines, and they’re safe to use with all metal baseball bats.

  • Sold by the dozen ($2.65 per ball)
  • Same size (9″) as standard baseballs
  • Yellow in color for maximum visibility
  • Made of dimpled polyurethane for accuracy and durability
  • Safe to use with aluminum bats and pitching machine wheels
  • Solid ball feels and flies like real one
  • Ships by FedEx Ground from Texas


A staple of indoor facilities and outdoor batting cage centers, yellow dimpled baseballs are prized for their durability, and thus cost efficiency, while allowing hitters to take realistic batting practice.

A necessity for anybody and any place that uses wheeled pitching machines, these solid seamless balls are made of a soft yellow polyurethane (a rubber-like substance) and have dimples.

The balls are designed to be hit with aluminum bats and used with pitching machine wheels and associated parts. So bats won’t get dented and machines don’t suffer unnecessary wear when using these particular balls, which are water-resistant.

Because of their color, the ball is easy to see. Because of what they’re made of, sting in the bat handle is minimal. So the balls are great for hitting.

As for being pitched, the dimples on the surface of the ball enable a machine’s wheels to properly grip it so that pitch placement is consistently quite accurate. Basically, they fly straight or true, which is something balls with seams really struggle to do.

As an aside, the durability of these balls is such that some customers use them to play fetch with their dogs. If the balls are so rugged that even canines can’t chew them up then you can expect the solid yellow machine balls to last through many years of batting practice!

NOTE: Balls are not sold individually. They come in packs of 12. Based on our package cost, that works out to a price of $2.65 for each ball.