White Pitching Machine Baseballs with Red Seams

White Pitching Machine Baseballs with Red Seams


A white dimple ball that looks, to a hitter, like a real baseball thanks to its patented inset red seams. This long-lasting, one-of-a-kind dimpled and seamed batting practice ball can be reliably used with any machine that throws regulation size/weight balls.

  • Sold by the dozen ($3.65 per ball)
  • Regulation baseball size (9″) and weight (5 oz.)
  • Authentic look allows hitters to pick up ball rotation
  • Red seams ink does not fade or rub off
  • Ideal for cool weather BP — ball made of sting-stopping poly
  • Ships by UPS Ground from Washington
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Sold by the dozen, these pitching machine balls are the only dimpled balls you’ll find that are white with red seams.

Made by Baden, the ball has a realistic baseball appearance since the white polyurethane its made of has inset red seams, thereby making it the only dimple ball to replicate a real one. Hitters can better pick up the ball’s rotation as a result.

A patented process that puts the seams on keeps them on, as the red ink used won’t wear off with use. The ball itself doesn’t absorb water, so using in wet conditions aren’t an issue. In addition to its optimal visibility and longevity, like all machine pitch poly balls this one is great to use for cold weather hitting practice, as the ball lessens or eliminates bat sting.

Safe to use with all bats, these Baden dimpled baseballs are the same size and weight as official leather game baseballs. Because the seams on them are not raised they don’t come in contact with machine wheels, and by preventing that friction the ball can always be pitched by the machine how and where intended.

As such, this ball both looks authentic and can be pitched accurately, which makes it the only dimple ball on the market which can boast of that combination.

NOTE: Balls are not sold individually. They come in a box of 12. Based on our box cost, that works out to a price of $3.65 for each ball.