Truist Park Model

Truist Park Model


This 3D model of the home of the Atlanta Braves shows the ballpark displayed on different depths of bonded wood. It comes with a lighted display case, so this Truist Park can be lit up just like the real big league ballpark, and when not in its case the model can be stood upright on any flat surface.

  • Slim shape design enables placement on most shelfs & surfaces
  • Truist Park’s history and features detailed on back
  • Display case contains LED lights and has a removable acrylic lid
  • Model in case weighs 2.25 pounds, is 12″ L x 3.7″ W x 5.75″ H in size
  • Ships by USPS Priority Mail from Georgia
  • Free shipping within the USA


The Braves’ stadium in metro Atlanta has been reproduced in miniature form. Adhesive bonds together the engineered wood model, which comes assembled and with a display case that lights up.

The model itself is approximately 9″ x 4″ in size and displays actual photos of Truist Park on different depths of die-cut wood strips. The layered wood and the precision cut photos placed on them ensures that the model looks quite realistic and three-dimensional. When viewed from a very short distance, the Truist Park model appears to be a 360-degree replica.

To put the model in night mode, plug the display case into an outlet, which turns on the LED lights in the case’s base. The lights use minimal electricity and are long-lasting: a million hours usage is the expected lifespan. The case is one foot (12 inches) long and stays in place. Felt dots on the bottom of its black base prevent it from sliding or scratching surfaces.

Finally, the model’s backside contains an informative write-up of Truist Park’s history and features.