Baden Ballistic Pitching Machine Baseballs

Baden Ballistic Pitching Machine Baseballs


The premier leather ball made for use with pitching machines, the “Ballistic” has flat seams to ensure pitch accuracy. Usable in any machine, the ball is regulation in size and weight.

  • Sold by the dozen ($4.99 per ball)
  • Official size (9″) and weight (5 oz.)
  • Seams made from Kevlar — greatly enhances ball durability
  • Red and blue stitching makes ball visually distinct from others
  • Reacts and feels like regular game baseballs
  • Considered a universal ball — works in any pitching machine
  • Ships by UPS Ground from Washington
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Sold in boxes by the dozen, Baden’s Ballistic brand of baseballs are engineered to be long-lasting and used in pitching machines. They specifically are the best choice for use in wheeled pitching machines.

Featuring flat seams made from Kevlar, a fiber notably used to make bulletproof vests, and alternating red and blue stitching, the ball is designed to stand out and withstand the rigors of spinning wheels.

By using Kevlar instead of regular thread and a low profile stitching process, the flat-seamed Ballistic ball easily outlasts and outperforms the typical raised-seam baseball in pitching machine-run batting practice sessions.

Using these balls in a pitching machine results in a truer pitch. The flatter seam of the Ballistic causes there to be less friction between the ball and machine wheels, thereby decreasing unwanted pitch movement.

Visually, the two-colored seam pattern makes it easy to spot Ballistic balls among red-only seamed baseballs in a container.

Aside from its flat red and blue Kevlar strengthened seams, the Ballistic is a normal baseball. It has a traditional genuine leather cover. Its 9-inch size and 5-ounce weight are the official baseball regulation standard.

Best of all, the Baden pitching machine ball acts and feels like a regulation game ball but you get more bang for your buck, as a Ballistic ball can last up to five times longer than a regular leather ball used in the same conditions.

NOTE: Balls are not sold individually. They come in boxes of 12. Based on our box cost, that works out to a price of $4.99 for each ball.