Indoor Sticky Pitching Mat

Indoor Sticky Pitching Mat


This small mat stays put on an indoor floor, enabling pitchers to practice and do drills inside. It doesn’t take up much space or damage floors and has a slightly raised pitching rubber.

  • Ideal for softball pitching and flat surface baseball throwing
  • Stays in place — won’t slide or move during use
  • Protects floors on which it’s placed
  • Easy to move — simply pick up and put down
  • 23″ W by 20″ L in size, weighs 6 pounds
  • Ships by FedEx from Minnesota
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This small-sized indoor pitching mat stays in place on a gym floor, or any wood, tile or smooth concrete surface.

Made of polyurethane rubber, the non-abrasive mat “sticks” to the ground thanks to a tacky-type backside that won’t damage the floor. So the mat won’t slip, slide or otherwise move when in use, thereby allowing for a stable surface from which to throw.

The mat measures 20″ deep x 23″ wide and has a 5″ x 21″ pitching rubber, which is just slightly smaller than a regulation-sized (6″ x 24″) rubber.

Besides its obvious softball usage, the mat is great for flat ground baseball pitching work and balk prevention drills.

Sturdy, lightweight and durable, the 6-pound pitching mat is easy to use, move and store. Just put it down to use and the mat will snugly grip the floor until it’s picked back up.

Made in the USA, this simple product easily makes pitching practice possible in an indoor gym anywhere!