BATCO Foldable Batting Cage

BATCO Foldable Batting Cage


Note: This product is only available by phone order.

Speak directly with Coach Arnald to make sure you get the best setup for your space and needs: 1-800-377-2505 or send an email to

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72′ Batting Cage

Price: $4,995 + shipping
Details: 72′ L x 18′ W x 12′ H
Arcs: 5

54′ Batting Cage

Price: $4,495 + shipping
Details: 54′ L x 18′ W x 12′ H
Arcs: 4

  • CUSTOM SIZES AVAILABLE: If you don’t see the width or the length that you need we can make it. Please give us a call at 800-377-2505
  • Folds like an accordion for quick storage
  • 72′ and 54′ cage folds to 2 feet in less than 5 minutes. See it in action here
  •  25% wider than standard cages
  •  Arc shaped design for maximum hitting space
  •  Size allows live batting practice to be thrown comfortably
  •  Uses #42 Braided nylon net – the strongest available
  •  No permanent construction required
  •  No cables to run indoors
  •  No frame to build outdoors
  •  The customer will need to provide two end anchors (usually eye bolts) — one at each end of the cage

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Shipping specification for the 72ft BATCO
1–Pallets–Batting Cage 32x32x36 = 375 lbs         2–Bundles–Batting Cage 113x4x5 =125 lbs
2 –Bundles –Batting Cage 108x4x4 =100 lb        Total Ship WT= 600 lbs

Shipping specification for the 54ft BATCO
1– Pallets–Batting Cage 32x32x36 = 315 lbs           2 –Bundles–Batting Cage 94x4x4 = 84 lbs
2 –Bundles –Batting Cage 108x4x4 =100 lbs        Total Ship WT= 499lbs

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18ft, 15ft, 14


54ft, 72Ft


42 Gauge Nylon