8″ Game Pitching Mound

8″ Game Pitching Mound


The 8-inch high one-piece game mound is ideal for all age groups, and especially for those 13 & up. Fully covered by turf, the artificial mound’s gentle slopes resemble those of a natural mound. It’s big enough so that pitchers stay on the mound’s surface, which minimizes injury risk.

  • Choice of turf color: green, clay or red
  • 8″ H by 10’5″ L by 7′ W in size, weighs 200 pounds
  • Size works well for all age groups — youth & adult
  • Wide plateau enables all pick-off moves
  • Smooth, tapered edges eliminate lips
  • Wear pads built into mound in heavy use areas for added stability
  • Mound maintains its shape — backed by limited 10-year warranty
  • Ships by freight truck from Minnesota
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The 8″ Game Mound can be used for various levels of regulation play. Its exact size is 8 inches tall, 10’5″ (125 inches) long, and 7 feet (84 inches) wide.

Weighing 200 pounds, the mound is a solid single-piece model that is movable by 3-4 people using reasonable effort, as it’s sleek and more portable than traditional game mounds.

The 8″ One-Piece Game Mound is designed and engineered to give the pitcher the feel of throwing off a natural regulation mound. The materials and processes used result in a solid, yet cushioned artificial mound that reduces knee and ankle strain. The full-length size of the mound allows pitchers to stride fully while remaining on its surface and the sloped sides are good for pick-off tries, as pitchers can step to bases without falling off the mound.

The top side of the mound is fully covered by the highest quality of turf available and has a specially-made poly pitching rubber that lasts at least five times longer than a standard rubber. The rubber is white, but you get a choice for the mound’s turf color: green, clay (brownish) or red (red-ish, really).

Super light fiberglass sheeting comprises the surface of the mound’s bottom side. The fiberglass makes the mound’s base so firm that it maintains its shape in the harshest of outdoor environments.

The mound’s core is fully formed from a high density foam that ensures a comfortable and cushioned landing. Made from a combination of polypropylene and polystyrene, the foam core has a limited 10-year warranty, which covers the mound maintaining its shape without breaking down (developing soft spots).

Additionally, the spots where pitchers most often stand and land are reinforced with anti-wear poly that is under the turf, where it protects against core penetration. These hidden “wear pads” are placed in front of the pitching rubber and in the stride foot landing zone.

The mound is also water resistant thanks to a thin coating of polyurethane that’s applied in the production process before the turf is added. That water-repellent layer of protection keeps the mound from absorbing moisture.

And the turf itself will not break down for years or peel from the mound. That is thanks to a proprietary adhesive process that securely bonds the turf and mound together.

It all adds up to a reliably durable pitching mound, and each one is fully made with care in the USA.

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Turf Color

Green, Clay, Red